Boa was founded by Southern California surfer and entrepreneur Gary Hammerslag in the 1990s after he relocated to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with his family. Quick to experience firsthand the shortcomings of traditional laces on snowboardboots and hockey skates, Hammerslag set to work on what soon became the first Boa prototypes.

Beginning with snowboarding powerhouse brands like K2 and Vans in 2001, the Boa Closure System has quickly found a home with many partners across a number of different industries – golf, cycling, athletic, outdoor, utility/safety, and medical to name a few.

As Boa looks ahead to the future, there is a contagious excitement radiating across our offices in Colorado, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Austria. We regularly receive phone calls, emails, or Facebook posts that begin, “Your system would be great on...” It seems there’s a new idea for application of the Boa Closure System every day. It’s this enthusiasm and passion for innovation that revs us up every day – and hints that we’re beginning something meaningful here.

Dare we say, the beginning of a revolution?


It’s been over a decade since Boa Technology got started in a one-room office on Lincoln Avenue in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

We’re lucky to do what we do. And, to work with the people and brands that are true partners. We don’t take any of it for granted.

All of us at Boa are actively involved in the activities our technology enhances. We are riders, hikers, runners, golfers and cyclists. We get psyched when it snows. And we seek steep singletrack to ride, emerald green fairways to walk and endless trails to hike or run. We know the joy of actively pursuing goals, making them realities and then moving on to the next challenge.


At Boa, we aspire to actively cultivate long-term partnerships with a select group of category-leading brands who share our passion for precision and performance. We work closely with them to integrate our Boa Closure System into their products. The common trait in all of our partners? A hunger for innovation.

From initial concept to prototyping and testing, we’re alongside our partners every step of the way. Our customers appreciate not only the innovation and performance the Boa Closure System delivers, but the expertise in design, manufacturing, and marketing our team provides throughout the entire process.

Product Development

Boa Technology has a dedicated team of experts constantly working to improve the depth, breadth, and quality of our product line. A lot of what we do begins with Product Design. Our Colorado-based team of designers and engineers work to develop and constantly improve Boa products for use in a wide range of applications.

Our ability to turn concept and ideation into finished, functional product gives our partners the confidence they need in integrating our solutions into their designs.

Visitors to our Denver headquarters are often surprised to learn of the design, engineering, testing, development, and other extensive efforts that go into the Boa Closure System. We have been doing this for more than a decade now and it is a process that we’ve refined through experience, testing, and unique first-hand knowledge.

In fact, we feel that the grand sum of our work qualifies us as a foremost authority on closure and adjustment, and we are happy to share this expertise and commitment to perfection with our partners.

Meet Boa

At Boa, our people drive everything that we have been, are today, and will become decades from now. But while many companies love to say, "Our People are our greatest asset," we will not go there. Assets belong on balance sheets. Here, our people are owners, athletes, decision makers, and so much more. We think like owners and never fear making a well-thought-out mistake. Meet us below, and never hesitate to reach out because we want to know your story, too.

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