Our Culture

It’s been over a decade since Boa® Technology got started in a one-room office on Lincoln Avenue in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

We’re lucky to do what we do. And, to work with the people and brands that are true partners. We don’t take any of it for granted.

All of us at Boa are actively involved in the activities our technology enhances. We are riders, hikers, runners, golfers and cyclists. We get psyched when it snows. And we seek steep singletrack to ride, emerald green fairways to walk and endless trails to hike or run. We know the joy of actively pursuing goals, making them realities and then moving on to the next challenge.

Of course, we’ve heard it before, at many places: “We work hard and play hard.” We work to make Boa Technology a place where the line between work and play is not so stark. Where that line can be nearly indiscernible, like two-week-old chalk markings on a mountain bike course. Where everybody works with over-the-top dedication and focus, while also playing with child-like abandon.

At Boa, work and play co-exist in an environment of professionalism, respect, and creativity.

In 2011, we were proud that Outside Magazine recognized us in their “Best Places to Work” issue (we ranked #4). For us, it was a validation of what many of us at Boa already feel in our hearts and guts: that we work in a very exceptional place.

Then again, maybe “work” is not the right word. After all, didn’t somebody once say that he who loves his job will not work a day in his life?