Product Development

Boa Technology has a dedicated team of experts constantly working to improve the depth, breadth, and quality of our product line. Our team has over a century of combined product design experience, and together has developed more than 800 individual Boa products, with 32 issued and pending worldwide patents and a constantly growing list of design awards.

A lot of what we do begins with Product Design. Our Colorado-based team of designers and engineers work to develop and constantly improve Boa products for use in a wide range of applications. Every Boa component is painstakingly tested in the lab, but it does not end there.

More than 300 hardcore field testers assure that everything we make works as designed.

Our ability to turn concept and ideation into finished, functional product gives our partners the confidence they need in integrating our solutions into their product designs.

We work closely alongside our partners at every phase of the design and development life cycle. Our expertise in the application of our technology allows us to provide critical advice to our partners in the early design stages of a new Boa model. Then our development team, with a depth of experience in SketchBook® Pro, CAD , Illustrator®, design support, and prototype development, can help build out functional samples, ensuring that our products are ideally integrated into our partners’ products exactly as intended.

Visitors to our Denver headquarters are often surprised to learn of the design, engineering, testing, development, and other extensive efforts that go into the Boa Closure System. We have been doing this for over a decade now and it is a process that we’ve refined through experience, testing, and unique first-hand knowledge.

In fact, we feel that the grand sum of our work qualifies us as a foremost authority on closure and adjustment, and we are happy to share this expertise and commitment to perfection with our partners.