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Out on the trail and far from amenities, fit is everything. The Boa Closure System brings durability and security to every step, mile after mile. Whether on a light hiking shoe, a hydration pack, or even a backpack waist belt adjustment, Boa allows the athlete to easily adapt to the constantly changing needs and terrain.


TrekSta believes that shoes should not inhibit you, whether on the trail or in the office. They set out to develop new technologies that enhance your experience, and also leave your feet less fatigued and ready to do it all again tomorrow. Over the years they’ve combined things like their proprietary HyperGrip and IceLock compounds with the best from trusted companies like Gore-Tex and Boa Technology to bring you functionality that lasts.


(Sold only in Europe)

The word "Viking" has long been associated with being strong, robust, rough and tumble, full of courage, brave and having a go-getter attitude. That's how the viking ancestors lived their lives, and Viking aims to keep the spirit of the word alive today. Over the years Viking has developed technologies and applied know-how from partners by testing what works best in one of the most demanding climates in the world; Norway.

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