2015/16 Snowboard + Ski Boot Secondary Reel Recall

Boa Technology recently learned of an operational issue occurring with a reel component used on snowboard and ski boots, what we refer to as the “M3v2 Remote Reel.” In certain circumstances (such as upon sustaining direct impact or when excessive leverage is applied to the dial), the M3v2 reel can become stuck in the open position. Importantly, the M3v2 is always located on the side of the boot and is featured as a secondary adjustment that controls lace tension over the forefoot. M3v2 is never used as the primary closure of a snowboard boot. Because the M3v2 is the secondary reel on the snowboard boot and redundancies exist within snowboard boot and binding systems (including the primary reel, laced boot liners, multiple independent laces in each boot, as well as adjustable binding straps securing the foot and leg at dual locations), we do not believe that the issue with the M3v2 reel creates a significant safety issue.

Boa, however, is committed to ensuring that every snowboard/ski boot equipped with the M3v2 operates at the highest possible performance level. Please scroll down to see affected boot models, and if you purchased one of these new 2015/2016 models between June 1st - Nov 1st 2015 please contact Boa Technology to speak with a representative – We can walk you through how to determine if you have the new and improved dial or need a replacement sent out free of charge.

Upon sustaining direct impact or when excessive leverage is applied to the dial, the secondary reel can become stuck in the open position, causing a slight loosening in the fit of the snowboard boot at the location controlled by that reel (the forward portion of the foot or the internal tongue of the boot, depending on boot style), and potentially posing a fall hazard.

If a consumer has determined that their product needs to be replaced, they should immediately stop using the M3v2 reel and contact the retailer where the boots were purchased, or Boa directly, for a replacement kit. Replacement reels and a repair tool will be provided, with simple instructions in paper form. A repair video is also available at: https://vimeo.com/boa/M3v2fix

Please Note:
Please note that if the M3v2 reel bears an adhesive sticker dot on its face, then the reel has already been replaced and nothing further needs to be done.

Recalled Product:
This recall involves all sizes and colors of the following brand models of snowboard boots containing the M3v2 reel, sold from June 2015 through October 2015:

thirtytwo – 2015/16 Binary
32 Binary 32 Binary 32 Binary 32 Binary

Burton – 2015/16 Photon
Burton Photon Burton Photon

Burton – 2015/16 Concord
Burton Concord Burton Concord

Burton – 2015/16 Felix
Burton Felix Burton Felix Burton Felix

DC – 2015/16 Control
DC Control

DeeLuxe – 2015/16 Spark Summit
Deeluxe Spark Summit

DeeLuxe – 2015/16 Vicious
Deeluxe Vicious

Flow – 2015/16 Helios Focus
Flow Helio Focus

Head – 2015/16 Six Boa Focus
Head Six Boa

K2 – 2015/16 Darko
K2 Darko K2 Darko K2 Darko

Ride – 2015/16 Fuse
Ride Fuse

Ride – 2015/16 Lasso
Ride Lasso Ride Lasso Ride Lasso Ride Lasso

Ride – 2015/16 Triad
Ride Triad Ride Triad

Ride – 2015/16 Hera
Ride Hera Ride Hera

Ride – 2015/16 Norris
Ride Norris

Rome – 2015/16 Inferno (Men’s/Women’s)
Rome Inferno Rome Inferno Rome Inferno

Rome – 2015/16 Memphis
Rome Memphis Rome Memphis

Salomon – 2015/16 Dialogue Focus
Salomon Dialogue Focus

Scarpa – 2015/16 EVO F1 Ski Mountaineering Boot
Scarpa Evo F1

X5 – 2015/16 Omni
X5 Omni

X5 – 2015/16 GTX

X5 – 2015/16 GTO

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