Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the lace with a new one?

Replacing a Boa Lace is faster than putting in a new shoelace. View Downloadable Instructions and Videos

How does Boa Work?

The Boa Closure System is comprised of four main systems:

The High Power System appears primarily on snowboard boots and other large footwear which requires the unequaled strength and gear ratio advantage Boa delivers. See How It Works

The Mid Power System is ideal for high-cuff footwear such as utility boots, hiking boots, safety shoes, inline skates and ski boot liners. See How It Works

The Low Power System was made for low-cut footwear, mostly in the area of athletic and casual. This is where Boa brings superior performance and comfort to cycling shoes, golf shoes, running shoes, and casual footwear. See How It Works

Are all Boa Systems the same?

Yes and no. The Boa Closure System is comprised of three main categories, called "Power Levels":

The Boa High Power Closure System is found on snowboard boots and other large, high-cut footwear that requires the unequaled strength and gear ratio advantage Boa delivers. See How It Works

The Boa Mid Power Closure System is ideal for mid-cut footwear such as utility boots, hiking boots, safety shoes, inline skates and ski boot liners. See How It Works

The Boa Low Power Closure System was specifically designed for low-cut footwear, mostly in the area of athletic and casual. This is where Boa brings superior performance, convenience and comfort to cycling shoes, golf shoes, running shoes, and casual footwear. See How It Works

In what sports can I find Boa?

Boa delivers performance solutions to a long list of sports, plus other activities. This list includes: snowboarding, cycling, golf, hiking, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, water sports, inline skating, hunting, fishing, running, motocross, and fitness (i.e. aerobics, walking, spinning, etc.). Boa also helps build shoes, boots, and other products for construction workers, factories, fire fighting, medical support, and - believe it or not - horses. What's more, the Boa Closure System is on more than footwear. Just ask Knox, a UK-based company that make award-winning moto gloves with the Boa Closure System. Or outdoor sports leader Vaude, which added Boa to the waistbelt of its Terkum pack to provide backcountry explorers with an improved fit and better micro-adjustability.

What's wrong with my old shoelaces?

Shoelaces have been used, unchanged, for so long that we hardly notice their problems.

At Boa Technology, we have carefully studied shoelaces and have defined their critical deficiencies:

1. It is very difficult to fine tune your tightness.With shoelaces, there is significant friction in the eyelets and lace loops. This means that you have to pain-stakingly lace the shoe from the bottom up to get true tightness -- a process that takes time and is inexact. Then, once you're done, you can't adjust tension without starting completely over again.

2. Shoelace tension changes constantly. As the shoelace stretches, the knot tightens or loosens. If the shoe gets wet the lace stretches even more.

3. It is impossible to quickly readjust a shoelace. Is the fit not quite right? You have to stop, untie the shoe, and re-tie.

4. Complete failure occurs. Your shoelace comes untied. It has happened to snowboarders and even elite marathoners as they are digging deep. It actually happens quite often, and we inexplicably accept it. When you're lace is undone, you cannot continue until you stop to retie it.

Does Boa Technology make shoes?

At Boa, we are the experts in closure for shoes and other products designed for performance. We like to say that we make great shoes even greater. Often, we will sit with our partners' product designers for days on end to make sure that the Boa Closure System does just that.

How strong is the Boa Dial?

Our design goal from Boa's beginning has been that the reel should outlast the boots in any conditions -- and this is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. The Boa Closure System has tens of thousands of hours of testing on it in all types of terrain and environments, from mountain trails to terrain parks to construction sites.

Is the Boa Lace really strong enough?

The lace is far stronger and more durable than its thin appearance. It is made from 49 individual strands of aircraft grade stainless steel wire. It is then compressed for a smooth surface and incredible strength. Gram by gram, it is stronger than tank armor. Tensile strength tests in the lab prove that the lace will withstand far greater forces than you are able to exert. Click here to see what else the lace can do.

How is Boa better than other closure systems out there?

Firstly, Boa enhances the fit of any shoe or boot. It provides a glove-like fit by creating a smooth, even wrap that hugs your foot rather than constricting it. Secondly, You can make small, precise adjustments while you are on the move without interrupting your activity; talk about fast! Next, it's lightweight, never absorbing water, or collecting mud or other debris. Best of all, no more double-knotting, and retying your laces, because the Boa Closure System never comes untied!

Who wears Boa?

Some of the world's most elite athletes, sponsored by the world's leading brands, wear the Boa Closure System. This list includes:

+ More than 40 riders in the 2011 Tour de France, and more than 100 pro peloton cyclists. Off-road, Boa has notched several major wins. Specialized mountain biker Rebecca Rusch cruised to her third straight Leadville Trail 100 title with Boa on her feet -- as did another Specialized legend, Todd Wells.

+ PGA Tour players and Footjoy-sponsored golfers Lee Westwood, Steve Stricker, Scott Verplank, and David Love III, have all worn the Boa Closure System on tour.

+ Pro snowboarders Gretchen Bleiler (K2) and Travis Rice(DC), who share several X Games podium placings between them. The Boa Closure System is a popular choice of X Games and Olympic hopefuls.

+ Ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes of The North Face, who won the Badwater Ultramarathon and in 2006 completed 50 marathons in 50 days wearing The North Face Arnuva 50 Boa running shoe.

+ Professional snowmobilers, fishing guides, mountain bikers, equestrians, and other athletes at the top of their game.

My footwear collects a lot of grit and grime. Will Boa stand up to abrasive debris? How durable is it?

Don't let the size of the Boa lace fool you. That relatively thin lace is gram-for-gram stronger than tank armor. It is constructed of aircraft-grade stainless steel. For demanding environments, it may be jacketed in nylon. As a bonus, athletes (and other Boa fans) appreciate that they can simply hose off all the mud and grime after their endeavor.

What does Boa deliver that other pull-cord and speed-lace systems don't?

There is only one Boa Closure System, developed and tested for over a decade. Athletes turn to Boa because we deliver three distinct advantages over the others:

Firstly, on-the-fly micro-adjustment. Boa gives you easy, one-handed adjustment to tune in the perfect fit, even on the chairlift with a glove on, with a quick turn of the Boa dial.

Second, an incredibly secure hold. Set it and forget it. Our stretch-free steel cable and ratcheted dial provide a powerful 3:1 mechanical advantage. They lock in a perfect fit and stay that way. Period.

It's built to last. The Boa Closure System is designed with aircraft-grade stainless cable and ultra-durable nylon reel guides, all built to take all the abuse you can throw at them. Testing in the field -- and feedback from retailers and athletes -- reaffirms that it is the most durable system available.

Does Boa have a Guarantee?

At Boa Technology, we stand firmly behind our product and believe in its durability over the long haul. Boa Technology guarantees the Boa Closure System reel and laces for the lifetime of the product.

This is the Boa Dialed In for Life Guarantee. And our promise to you. Redeem Guarantee

What if the Boa Lace Breaks?

In the rare event that your Boa Lace breaks (we experience less than .5% of our laces returned because of breakage), you would simply do what you do with a traditional lace: tie it into a knot. Because of the low-friction nature of the Boa Closure System, it will be necessary to tie three very tight knots, but this will get you back to the trailhead, to the bottom of the slope, or back home just fine.

Many snowboard and cycling specialty stores are well-schooled in performing Boa Lace repairs and often have spare laces and parts available.

Also, the Boa Closure System is designed to be easily user-repairable and replaceable. You may request free replacement parts online via our Boa Dialed In for Life Guarantee and view downloadable instruction sheets and videos. Most first-time repairs take several minutes. With a little experience, re-tying a spool can take less than 120 seconds.