What is Boa?

With over 25 million Boa-powered products worldwide, the award-winning, patented Boa Closure System is reinventing how shoes, medical braces, equipment, and nearly everything else performs.

Our proprietary closure system of steel Lace, nylon guides and a mechanical reel was designed to address the long list of deficiencies found in traditional closures. In the process, we improved upon the performance of every other closure system on the market—from laces to buckles, and ratchets to hook and loop systems.

The result? Get a perfect fit with the simple turn of a knob, free of the stretch, weight, and hassles of old-fashioned closures. Enjoy a significantly improved level of comfort along with durability, light weight, fast and convenient operation, and on-the-fly adjustment. The list of advantages goes on.

The system is available in three different power configurations to integrate into a wide variety of products—all designed to provide a truly “Dialed In” fit never before experienced.

How it Works

  • High Power Reels

    Boa now offers more options than ever before to suit the construction and performance demands of snowboard boots and other high power applications. Each configuration delivers clear performance advantages over traditional shoelaces and other speed lacing systems:

    • Glovelike, precise fit
    • Powerful, uniform closure & no pressure points
    • Micro and On-the-Fly Adjustability
    • Speed

    Finally, from a boot design standpoint, Boa delivers a far cleaner aesthetic than hanging closure straps or straggling shoelaces.

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  • Mid Power Reels

    When a product's construction calls for powerful and robust closure -- yet not at the level provided by the High-Power systems -- the Boa Mid-Power platform is the optimal choice. Nimble and secure, Mid Power meets the performance demands of above-the-ankle work-boots, inline skates, and ski boot liners.

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  • Low Power Reels

    Boa Low-Power systems address the unique demands of low-cut footwear, highly active endeavors, and lightweight materials. These systems are subsequently the top choice for athletic shoes, lightweight hikers, and casual footwear.

    Each reel features a direct drive power train to deliver effective 1:1 closure force with a wide array of mounting options available.

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Features & Benefits

  • Glove-like Fit

    The Boa Closure System provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points.

  • On-the-Fly

    Get easy, one-handed adjustment with a quick turn of the Boa dial.

  • Powerful Closure

    Once locked into place, Boa reels and laces stay that way.

  • Durable

    Made from aircraft-grade stainless steel, Boa laces are stronger per gram than tank armor.

  • Micro-adjustability

    Boa reels offer seemingly infinite degrees of fine tuning.

  • Lightweight

    Boa closures shed water, mud, and ice, shaving precious weight.

  • Fast

    Quick on. Quick off. Boa saves time when seconds count.

B Company

Think you're tough on your gear? Do your outdoor pursuits lead you down unmarked paths, through waist-deep powder, straight into muddy puddles and occasionally up the proverbial creek without a paddle? If this sounds like you, then you know only the best product has survived throughout your adventures, with the rest tattered by the wayside. And this makes you the right person to join Boa B Company.

Boa B Company troops love active challenges and help make a tough product even tougher for the next generation. Below is an invitation to apply for the chance to join Boa B Company, a new field testing program that puts you in the driver's seat to try new, unreleased products and help us develop and evolve the same world-class performance technology we've been delivering since 2001.

If we still have you reading, and you think you have what it takes to climb the B Company ranks, then click the link to submit your application today.

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Boa Technology guarantees the Boa Closure System reel and laces for the lifetime of the product. Period.

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Love your product on my Korkers wading boots with Boa closure... thanks Boa for not having to deal with wet soggy laces"

– Ned

/ Scotland

Over the past two seasons of riding, I've been incredibly impressed with the Boa Closure System. Ease of use and ability to quickly create a snug fit are second to none. People ask me about my shoes all the time, and I unfailingly sing your product's praises."

– Matt

/ Ipswich, MA

The spare parts for my North Face boots arrived a little over a week after I placed the order with you. Not only does Boa manufacture a beautifully designed and functional product, but your service and after-sales support is nothing less than awesome."

– Ross

/ Australia

I am the proud owner of a pair of Viking Gtx hiking shoes with Boa Closure and they have literally changed my life. 8 years ago, I was in a motocross accident which left my left arm paralyzed and I had not been able to tie my shoes until I got my Boa shoes. Thank you!

– Pål

/ Norway

After years of abuse, snapped a cable on my K2 DBs. A free cable and 10 min later, my favorite boots are good as new. Will never own a snowboard boot without Boa Closure again."

– Mike

/ Denver, CO

I just wanted to take a second and say that I absolutely LOVE my Boa boots. I bought them in 2006 and never once have I had a problem with them. I work on the mountain and constantly tell people that they need to get them!"

– Katie

/ Beaver Creek, CO

Just wanted to write a quick thanks for my FootJoy Sport golf shoes with Boa Closure. They feel GREAT and are incredibly convenient and simple to use. Thanks Boa!"

– Jeff

/ Charlotte, NC

I wear a Boa-powered ankle brace for basketball and volleyball. Not only does in protect my ankles but it is very comfortable and supportive. I made that ankle brace part of my life and now it has made my life so much better."

– Shaney

/ Steamboat, CO